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The inspiration for 4Favorites began at a Colorado home while owner Phyllis Ripple was going through boxes of her children’s artwork, prints, homework . . . childhood! Touching and feeling the memories of her son and daughter brought her joy and a sense of pride. Some of the drawings were framed and hung on walls; some were just in boxes that gathered dust. Those keepsakes had traveled the world with the Ripple family as they lived throughout Pakistan, Indonesia, the United States, Egypt, and the United Kingdom during the 1980s and into the early 2000s.

It was at this point that Ripple realized that she could breathe new life into these favorite relics by translating them to her other favorite love – carpets. With this concept, 4Favorites was born. “I’ve been working with rugs and original art for a long time,” says Ripple, “so this was a no-brainer.” The company takes any original personal drawing or sketch and transforms it into a one-of-a-kind, custom rug for walls or floors.

“The pride that kids have when they see their drawings reflected in a rug is just so rewarding for me,” Ripple says. “Past around 8 years old, most kids abandon thinking of themselves as a creative person, and I just think that is so tragic. The artwork that most parents seem to respond to is that of naive experimentation, before the child is aware of any outside influence or what their friends are doing. It’s a much more unfiltered way of creation, and it’s so original.”

Here’s the thing: 4Favorites not only makes products that embody the beauty and playfulness of childhood. The company also supports children in weaving communities to celebrate that same unbridled joy. By having all products be GoodWeave┬« certified, 4Favorites offers customers their best assurance that no child labor was used in the production process.

So it’s only fitting that Phyllis Ripple doesn’t use weaving factories. She prefers to have weavers work in their own villages on communal looms. Designs aren’t made by a machine, but by the hands of experienced adult weavers. In that way, she says, families can stay together.

Find out more at www.4favoritesrugs.com.