Alicia D. Keshishian Carpets

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Products: Rugs

Alicia Keshishian believes the love of color and texture is in her DNA. Each side of her family boasts a long line of accomplished artists. Her Armenian-born grandfather was a renowned Oriental rug authority who founded Mark Keshishian & Sons in 1907, and her uncle and cousin still run the company in the Washington, DC, area. When Alicia decided to expand her textile art business to include rugs in 2004, she contacted GoodWeave? to ensure she partnered with weaving facilities that are child-labor-free.

Alicia sees the rug as an ideal medium for creating a living piece of art. Each rug is custom made to order, and the design process is collaborative. The clients, their designers and architects are directly involved in the process, resulting in a distinctive, personal carpet that reflects the participants’ unique sense of style and beauty.

Each project begins by examining color options and patterns, then the size and shape of the space. Drawing on 25 years of experience that includes award-winning work as an art director, designer, artist-in-residence and illustrator in San Francisco and New York, Alicia approaches each new project with a fresh eye so that an existing design can be adapted or a new design may evolve.

Alicia’s carpets are handmade in Nepal with the finest Tibetan wool from high-altitude sheep. This wool produces a very strong yet soft fiber that is rich in natural lanolins, creating a luxurious tactile experience. Incorporating silk adds a rich luster and enhances the feel.

By the time the process is complete, the rug serves not just as an artistic centerpiece in complete harmony with its surroundings, but also as a reminder of an unforgettable experience: participating in an artistic journey brought to fruition by skilled adult artisans.

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