Amigos de Hoy

Licensed Brand

Sisters, Kura Perkins and Bree Hay-Hendry of Sydney, Australia’s Amigos de Hoy are the first to admit that the story of their decision to go into the rug business is not a gripping narrative driven by difficult decisions. The idea for the company popped up on a family vacation in Argentina and almost from the moment they spoke about starting a rug business, it was a done deal. And just as simply and organically was their decision to ally themselves with GoodWeave®. “It has always been important to myself and to Bree to hang our hat on an ethical and sustainable supply chain,” Kura says.


The sisters (and partners in the venture) were both enamoured of the jewel box colors of 1970’s vintage fashion. They were also inspired by the energy and unselfconscious decadence of the luxe lifestyles of the rock stars of the era such as Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull. The combination of the period’s earth tones, kaleidoscopic patterns and touches of glittery golds was mesmerizing, says Bree whose background is the fashion industry. Inspired by those heady seventies years, Amigos de Hoy’s textural, cotton rugs boast a signature palette of neutrals mixed with metallic. “The rugs really sing,” Kura says.


A family favorite, the cotton rug, Odetta, is the color of jute. Its flaxy tones are mixed with gold and touches of white. Odetta, as well as Trails, Bree says, are contemporary riffs on patterns from vintage boucherouite rugs traditionally made by Berber women in Morocco. “I took the lines and classic repeat pattern work often seen in these lovely rugs, and modernized the lines to fit in with a more modern decor scheme. “

While those Moroccan pieces are generally eye poppingly colourful, Odetta and Trails are subtler. And the rugs, say Kura and Bree, are also marvelously soft. They are client favorites as well,” Kura adds. “You just really feel like they define the coastal style. They have a very Australian beachy vibe.”


Karma Weave, an all wool carpet in cream or gray tones with a marbled effect, is understated and stylish. It is one of the pieces from the Ground Control collection, a project that offers high end and made to measure rugs.


Bree and Kura are excited that Amigos de Hoy is able to cater to two demographics. The company offers good quality, well-designed rugs with a laid back feel at an affordable price point making them popular with millennials setting up first homes. Ground Control, a more recent wool series with a customizable option, appeals to designers, higher net worth individuals with established homes as well as select commercial spaces, Kura says.


Bree, the Creative Director and Kura, the company’s Managing Director, agree working together is a thrill (sometimes a thrill ride). Knowing GoodWeave is managing the ethical issues is a relief. “GoodWeave just absolutely simplifies the process of ethical supply chain management for us.” Bree and Kura also appreciate GoodWeave’s social impact. “Even knowing that child labor exists makes you want to make sure your business is never going to be associated with something that horrific,” Bree says, “GoodWeave gives us complete confidence.”