Amy Helfand

Licensed Brand
Products: Rugs

When artist Amy Helfand expanded her design portfolio to include rugs, in 2005, contacting GoodWeave® was a natural first step. While established in the art world for more than 15 years, Amy had never contracted production overseas. She wanted assurance that the production practices were ethical, and she also valued GoodWeave as the connection to a broader community of rug importers.

Amy’s artistic work has taken many forms, including photography, sculpture, installation, digital collage and textiles. Her interest in abstraction and in landscapes, both actual and imagined, has remained constant. She is now translating these interests into hand-tufted rugs from India and hand-knotted rugs of wool and silk made in Nepal.

Born and raised in Chicago’s leafy green suburbs, Amy grew up collecting beach glass on the shores of Lake Michigan. She received a bachelor’s degree in photography and American Studies from Hampshire College and a master’s in fine arts from the Art Institute of Chicago.

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