Anji Mountain

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Products: Rugs

Since its inception in 2003, Anji Mountain has established itself as the finest source of area rugs, office chairmats and home accessories made from both natural fibers and recycled materials. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Anji Mountain is a family business founded on the belief that sustainable uses of the earth’s resources is both an ethical imperative as well as an opportunity to develop unique products to feel good about.

Founder Darryl Gold began this business with a single bamboo rug style. In its earliest days Anji Mountain worked to distinguish itself through a blend of innovation, quality, and accessible price points. Key to growth was the pioneering–and now patented–use of a soy-based rug pad backing on their bamboo rugs and the invention of the patented Bamboo Office Chairmat. With a relentless focus on innovation Anji Mountain has expanded its bamboo business and earned a reputation as a market leader for quality.

It is, however, Anji Mountain’s travels to India that has led to its partnership with GoodWeave. Anji Mountain has developed a flourishing business focused on handloom woven rugs made from jute, natural, and recycled materials manufactured in the villages of northern and southern India. There is a quiet dignity and well-honed skill displayed by the weavers operating vintage wooden handlooms. This is often physically demanding work most appropriately done by mature, skilled artisans. To current owners–President David Moons and Vice President Jeff Gold–it was immediately clear that child labor had no place in such an environment. “GoodWeave has established itself as the gold-standard in regards to qualifying factories and implementing educational programs focused on eradicating child labor in rug manufacturing. We travel to India frequently and have strong, trusting relationships with our factories and we jointly believe that supporting GoodWeave’s mission is the right thing to do. It’s our hope–and the hope of our factories–that the industry aligns with GoodWeave to ensure that children will no longer be exploited in the manufacturing of rugs.” says David Moons.

Anji Mountain became a licensed GoodWeave importer in June 2016 and has pledged to import exclusively from GoodWeave certified factories in India by January 2017. “A fundamental principle that we abide by at Anji Mountain is to always do the right thing. To give children a chance to follow their dreams and achieve their full potential by protecting them from predatory factory jobs and exposing them to educational opportunities is not only a good thing–it’s the right thing,” says Jeff Gold.

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