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The team at Bazaar Velvet firmly believe in the importance of high quality and high ethical standards. Its goes without saying that the two go hand in hand. The glorious technique of hand knotting has hardly changed for centuries, and the process requires each rug to be touched by hundreds of hands.

Christopher Mould, owner of Bazaar Velvet says, ‘Skilled workmen and artisan have a crucial role in the creation of our rugs, and as a friendly family orientated business, their welfare is of upmost importance to us. We most certainly would never allow children to be involved in the manufacture of our rugs. For this reason, we are grateful for the assurance that GoodWeave provide. It also brings us joy to know, that by being members of GoodWeave we are helping to provide education and opportunities for children in weaving communities. The work they do is truly inspiring and we have been fascinated to discover the stories of individual people whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to GoodWeave.’

It is the weavers that bring character and life into every one of the rugs designed and sold by Bazaar Velvet. The fact the wool has been carded, spun, dyed, knotted, washed and carved all by hand is truly incredible. This can be seen on the rugs surface, in its tiny little lines and bumps, so very different from anything made by a machine. Furthermore, this construction method creates a rug that is extremely robust; easy to clean and maintain. It can be used and enjoyed for many years and even passed down from one generation to the next.

It is for this reason that the team at Bazaar Velvet are so passionate about ensuring their customers are one hundred percent happy with their purchase. They hold a vast array of beautiful rugs in their showroom on the Kings Road Chelsea. Their contemporary pieces are both stylish and sophisticated, and they are constantly creating new and innovative designs. Using their 25 years of experience, they provide indispensable expert advice to their clients, and use their unique insight to provide a tailor made service. Bazaar Velvet is proud to have worked with some of the top UK interior designers, adding the essential ingredient to the most stunning and luxurious interiors. In many cases, this involves bespoke design. This is not only limited to design professionals; as by the use of specialised computer technology, samples, and their creative flair, Bazaar Velvet endeavour to simplify the process for all individuals. ‘Many customers see it as a huge privilege to have a beautiful handcrafted rug created especially for them. And as with us, they are delighted to know that it rightfully holds the much accredited GoodWeave label.’

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