Casa Amarosa

Licensed Brand

For Nirali Guzman the move from a successful career as a digital strategist to founder and president of the ethically sourced home goods online company, Casa Amarosa, was not a stretch at all. In some ways, she says with a smile, she was born to it.  She grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Mumbai where, as she puts it, “We’ve been exporters forever.” In fact, she jokes that her family life was a kind of incubator for someone who might eventually launch an enterprise such as hers. A childhood in India with the reality of child labor all around her also had an effect on her earliest business decisions.  “It makes you realize what kind of impact you can actually have when you purchase a product,” she says. From its launch, Nirali says, Casa Amarosa was guided by ethics of social responsibility and joining GoodWeave® was inevitable.  “I thought it was a great label and it was exactly what our brand stands for.”

Casa Amarosa’s entire range of home goods with its colorful fringes, knots, loops and tassels share a cheerful and global sensibility. The ethically sourced, small batch artisan made rugs offer a modern spin on a bohemian aesthetic. While the feel of the rugs that she markets to select boutiques globally, is modern, Nirali says, the techniques such as block and screen printing are profoundly traditional. She points to, for example, the  kilim flat weave, “Desert Sky”.  This handmade cotton rug is inspired by the colors of the desert sky at sunset. Each piece is woven by artisans over multiple days on handlooms in northern India. Another special rug is “Flora Jute”, a sustainably harvested indoor/outdoor jute piece. The carpet’s  natural fiber provides natural color variations and makes this rug one of her favorites.

“When you buy a Casa Amarosa rug, Nirali says, you are bringing a piece of the outside world into your home. The item may be inspired by anything from a  South American textile to an Indian sari.”  Her company’s global aesthetic goes hand in hand with her deep concern and reverence for the artisans whose craftsmanship creates her rugs. Having GoodWeave as a partner she says, aligns with her values as a brand. “GoodWeave’s label is a great stamp of approval.”

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