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When long-time business partners, Izabela Bennett and David Lawrence, owners of Apeiron Interiors and Venestre, launched their bespoke luxury rug business, Casasensi, it was, they say, one of those dreams waiting to be realized. Having been trained as graphic designers and having spent a number of years in the graphic design industry prior to gradually moving into the world of interiors helped them to encapsulate and express the vision of creating unique designs for the discerning clientele of luxury interiors market place. As Izzy puts it, rugs would be yet another way for them to celebrate great design and as with all their other projects production ethics would be at the top of the list of considerations. “We believe great design cannot be achieved by involving any cruelty or unfairness,” she says with conviction. So, the pair turned to GoodWeave®. “From the other side of the world we can’t know exactly how the rugs are made,” she says, “but GoodWeave told us we could be assured the process would be ethical.”

Already purveyors of interior design services and luxury residential window coverings to a global high-end demographic, the rugs turned out to be a natural fit with their existing businesses and welcomed by long time clients. Izzy and David, are always inspired by the natural world to find endless ideas for their rugs. David excitedly talks about photos he took of birch trees that are the inspiration for the Tibetan wool and bamboo silk Black Birch, a mix of passion blue and black hand knotted. Marmo with its raised pattern of shades of mint green on a backdrop of gray tones of natural wool mimics the map like veins of minerals that are found in marble. Izzy calls the result “captivating and sublime”. The luxuriously textural Waterlilies was inspired by the work of Italian designers of the1940’s and again Izzy and David turned to nature to create the design.

David says that nature will continue to inspire Casasensi rugs, however, he and Izzy also are aware of current trends and what is in vogue. “Our work is dedicated to contemporary interior design; however, we don’t only follow trends and what’s in fashion. We believe that finding the inspiration in the natural world will never go out of style.” That seems to work for their clients who the pair agree have a discreetly elegant sensibility. The partners also describe their clientele as people who are in a certain privileged position to search the globe for unique objects, pieces that tell stories. What Izabela and David want their customers to know is that each of Casasensi’s rugs tells a story. It is a story of the legacy of the craft itself preserved by generations of weavers. It is the story of the process of weaving and each rug is a celebration of the skill, expertise, patience and passion of its weavers. “We are proud of the role we have in helping continue the historic weaving tradition. We want to make sure the people who make the rugs know how much we appreciate their skill.” And, David adds, “We want to know we are making a contribution.”

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