Danielle David Grinnen Art and Design LLC

Licensed Brand
Products: Rugs

Watchful eyes, discerning sketches, intuitive color selection, excellent materials and expert hand knotting are some of the elements that come together to create the luxurious, limited-edition and custom rugs of Danielle David Grinnen Art and Design LLC. Artist and designer Danielle David Grinnen takes care that all carpets are designed and made with integrity, which is why she joined the GoodWeave® certification program.

Danielle David GrinnenDanielle’s art and designs take inspiration from landscapes and seascapes as well as the people and details of her surroundings. Danielle grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, surrounded by the comfort of mountains. She graduated from Virginia’s Bridgewater College, where she majored in fine arts, and now lives in Virginia’s Northern Neck, where rivers and their creeks curl around every bend.

Her travels through Southeast Asia, Western Europe and North, Central and South America have reminded her to slow down and take in the deep richness of nature and the people in her life. Each design explores these visuals through the process of sketching and painting with oil, acrylic and watercolor paints.

Danielle’s background in orchestrating space, color and texture for an architectural firm has given her a deep appreciation for the place in which each rug will abide. These limited-edition and custom rugs are created with the finest of materials–hand-dyed wool, silk and/or hemp–and expertly hand-knotted on looms in Kathmandu, Nepal. Danielle David Grinnen Art and Design’s process combines the beauty of traditional knotting techniques, exquisite materials and artistically developed designs.

For more information on Danielle David Grinnen Art and Design, visit www.danielledavidgrinnen.com.