Endy Canada Inc.

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Products: Rugs

The path that took Endy, Canada’s largest direct-to-consumer online mattress store, from selling bedding to being a proponent and purveyor of handcrafted rugs is a circuitous one. But let’s just say it all started with the seed of ethical production. From the company’s very beginning, what was important to the founders of the company with the award-winning Endy mattress (named for the mythological and sleepy shepherd, Endymion) was that every stage of the production process was done ethically, says Violette Coquatrix, Endy’s Senior Vice President of Operations. So, of course, when it came time to branch out and make rugs, Endy sought out GoodWeave®. “The GoodWeave team has its eyes on the process and can certify it. That is something that resonated with us,” she says.

Adding rugs to their already well-established line of sleep products was a bit of a challenging adventure, Violette admits. First, because the rug development and launch occurred during the pandemic when travel and in-person meetings were limited. Normally, Violette explains, someone from the team (usually her) visits the manufacturers and checks every step of the process for its ethics and sustainability. Another challenge was to create a rug that matched the aesthetic and quality of the other products favored by Endy customers, buyers who generally lean toward a minimalist and neutral style. It turned out that the sustainably harvested jute and certified cotton were perfect materials. And so the Hand-Loomed Jute Rug was born. The flat weave, jute and cotton blend rug, Violette says, has a color palette, softness and a durability that customers love.

The company, with its GREENGUARD Gold certification, has always been fully committed to sustainability and worker and product safety. As well, Endy has a tradition and philosophy of always giving back. They partnered with charities and not-for-profits throughout Canada and have donated over 12,000 mattresses to those who need them most. “We have made sure that as we expand there is a social component to all our products. It’s in our DNA and something we always keep in mind when we are developing new products.” Violette says the customers are also increasingly demanding worker and environmental certification. “We are always committed to doing our due diligence but it is great having more eyes on the process,” she says, “and having GoodWeave as a partner gives us and our customers peace of mind.”

For more information go to: ca.endy.com