Erik Lindstrom

Licensed Brand
Products: Rugs

Erik Lindstrom isn’t content to be “just a rug guy.” As owner of Lindstrom Rugs, Erik looks to create works of art that help people pursue “the endless search for moral well-being.” In his view, this means designing timeless patterns that are woven with honest labor. So when Erik had to find Nepali weavers for his designs, partnering with GoodWeave® was the natural choice.

Erik partnered with GoodWeave because of his own convictions about human rights, but finds that consumers are also drawn to the story that GoodWeave brings to his rugs. “Today, people want to know the stories of their products, whether it’s organic milk or hybrid cars,” he says. “Their interest in the origin of a rug is no different, and I’m proud to say that GoodWeave assures that no child labor goes into any of my rugs.”

Erik’s rugs are inspired by natural forms and occurrences, like tree bark, peeling paint and chipped concrete. Drawing on his interior design background, Erik strives for unpredictable, organic patterns that work with any style of interior, from traditional to ultramodern, creating a timeless look.

Interior designers appreciate the versatility of Lindstrom’s patterns.”I’m both a facilitator and a designer,” Erik says. He draws on his trade background to create rugs that help interior designers solve common problems, such as coordination between design elements. “I don’t make statement rugs,” he says. “Instead, I ask, ‘How can a rug be beautiful with furniture on top of it?'”

Erik’s weavers in Nepal can create a designer’s vision from scratch, or a designer can tweak any element of the 60-plus patterns in his four collections. Erik can even invent new patterns for a designer’s project, using a variety of natural fibers such as wool, silk, nettle, cactus, banana, soybean and linen.

The end result is a work of art with an ethical past and a timeless future–and that’s something Lindstrom’s customers can be proud to own.

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