Guildcraft Carpets

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Products: Rugs

Guildcraft Carpets believes that each rug design lends itself to a particular interpretation of wool and weave. Using the finest natural materials such as mohair, silk, hemp and New Zealand and exotic wools, and the best vegetable and metal-complex dyes, Guildcraft Carpets creates beautiful and enduring works that are certified as child-labor-free by GoodWeave®.

Guildcraft Carpets produces handmade artisan carpets for architects and designers, as well as private label design collections for other companies. With weaving workshops in three countries, the company tailors materials and technique to the aesthetic and technical requirements of each designer’s creative vision.

Like its partners at GoodWeave, Guildcraft Carpets believes that nothing is truly beautiful if it is built on the suffering of others. Several core beliefs inform Guildcraft Carpets’ vision and business practices:

No matter the challenges, cultural traditions of others should be honored and respected. Doing business cross-culturally requires an extra degree of sensitivity, but if done well can become a vehicle for constructive social change.
Rug weaving is as old as recorded history. This tradition is timeless, and so is the art it creates.
Living with beautiful handmade objects nourishes the soul. Beautiful objects come to life when infused with the spirit of the artisan. Only when carpets possess this indefinable quality can they rightfully be considered “art-level” carpets.
Custom rugs should be accessible. Having the option to specify a carpet color, design and size was once available only to royalty and the nobility. Guildcraft Carpets strives to revive the tradition of authentic custom carpets that are designed and crafted as works of art.
Tracy Davis, Guildcraft Carpet’s president and director of operations, started as a collector and dealer of antique oriental carpets, then became a retail gallery owner and oriental rug appraiser.

Danielle Freudenthal, the company’s vice-president of sales and marketing, holds a master’s degree in international business from Helsinki University in Finland. Before co-founding Guildcraft Carpets, she was international marketing manager for Nokia Communications in Finland and the vice president of sales for a leading textile manufacturer in the United States.

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