High Country Rugs

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High Country Rugs is under the leadership of Brian Payntar Harris and Jason Leach. Leach’s interest in rugs started early, as his parents were collectors, and he travelled with them to rug markets all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His experience in various businesses provided insight into the rugs of Morocco, Persia, Turkey, Nepal, Tibet, India, Romania, Kazakhstan, and everywhere in between. Harris helped to realize the full potential of co-founder Jason Leach’s vision by targeting High Country Rugs for the national market.

High Country Rugs was started in 2005 with the idea of helping interior designers get exactly what they want in a more efficient and affordable manner. Through a key understanding of rug materials, construction methods, regional design aesthetics and a history of rugs and their practical uses, the team has a unique perspective on the industry.

Working with the indigenous people of the Himalayan High Country, High Country Rugs also focuses on sustainable materials and practices, fair wages for labor, child-free workplaces and giving back to weavers and their communities. High Country Rugs is committed to supporting GoodWeave because the business model started with principal 3 goals: efficiency, sustainability and equity. GoodWeave has the infrastructure to oversee what High Country Rugs cannot in the field.

High Country Rugs believes that products must be made by happy, healthy adults, who earn a fair wage and who have access to affordable healthcare, education and childcare for their families. The company knows that paying it forward, the company will be paid back through the loyalty of weavers and the quality of the products.

Notable 5 star installations where High Country Rugs can be found include the Aria Casino, Broadmoor Hotel, New York Yacht Club, as well as many private residences.

For more information, visit www.finearearugsandcarpets.com