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Beatrice Girelli of Indi-B brings to her rug venture the same passion for perfection that made her an award-winning hotel designer. Indi-B rugs are made entirely of New Zealand wool and are touted as totally green. They are also 100 percent ethically produced, which for Beatrice means child-labor-free. “We absolutely don’t want to be in the business of selling beautiful rugs made in ugly conditions,” Beatrice says. “That’s why we aligned ourselves with GoodWeave┬«, a program with our values.”

A clean environment and fair-minded labor practices aren’t the only personal values that drive Beatrice and Indi-B. From her journalist father and art historian mother, Beatrice learned a most important lesson about work. “Don’t look for shortcuts. Don’t hide anything,” she says emphatically. “Your work isn’t about the money you make. It’s about your name.”

Managing a successful career in architecture and running a company devoted to the design of lighting and furniture would not seem to leave any time for new ventures, but that did not stop Beatrice. The name Indi-B now graces rugs in homes and businesses across the world, from the Grand Hyatt Singapore to Barney’s in Beverly Hills. Typical Indi-B clients are people who love contemporary design and want to “make a statement.” Indi-B’s large patterns and sculptural qualities do make bold artistic statements. As Beatrice explains, “I see the patterns … as artwork for the floor.”

Though strongly influenced by art and architecture, Beatrice’s true inspiration comes from her own photography, a hobby about which she is passionate. In translating the composition of a two-dimensional photograph into a pattern for a three-dimensional rug, Beatrice tries to capture the photo’s textures and shadows by exploring the sculptural possibilities offered by the weaving. Patterns with looped and raised piles such as “Branches,” “Sliver” and “Ginko” shimmer with chiaroscuro. “The texture brings strength to the space,” she observes.

Beatrice’s interest in rugs evolved over the past decade, but only three years ago did she add rugs to her company’s slate of products. Already an award-winner for her architectural designs, she was pleasantly surprised when her very first rug, “Branches Orange,” won the Interior Design “Best of the Year” award for flooring.

Though Beatrice says she has learned not to grow too attached to her work, she has a special fondness for her intricate “Reach” pattern, whose color flows from charcoal to light gray in a perfectly smooth and subtle gradient that takes 35 different dyes to achieve.

Anyone who makes the investment in a handmade rug should know where the rug comes from and who made it, declares Beatrice. She wants people to understand that, for any rug to be “superior in quality, it has to be superior in soul.” It has to be sustainable environmentally and socially. Reaching that goal is made easier for her because of her partnership with GoodWeave.

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