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Joanne Hurd, founder of Boston-based J.S. HURD DESIGN, says she can’t remember a time not being interested in the aesthetics of interior space. She laughs as she recalls a childhood obsession shared with her twin sister when they were very young. “I think we redecorated our room every other week!” Even now, with more than a four-decade career as an interior designer under her belt, she says she still has that same delight in creating new spaces with new materials. And nothing is giving her more pleasure than her rug and tapestry line bearing the GoodWeave® label. “To combine the joy of creating woven art pieces with supporting GoodWeave principles is simply deeply nourishing for me.”

Her line of rugs and wall hangings is hand-knotted in Nepal with Tibetan wool and/or silk. The rugs, she says, are an opportunity to further explore her lifelong fascination with layering, texture and intricate details. Those are the qualities that compel one to engage deeply with the rugs she designs. “I love creating layers of patterns and details that invite us to step into the design, travel around, get a bit lost,” she explains.

Her inspiration for the designs is as wide-ranging as her interests such as African-style dancing and drumming, designing woodwork, collecting rocks, and studying wildflowers. For example, she points to her rugs “Manlusa” and “Waldingfield” whose borders are inspired by woodworking details. The colors and patterns of “Impressions,” a favorite silk piece, mimic the golds, greens, lilacs, ambers and blues of rock slices. “I love and am fascinated with the stones in my collection and the way light reflects on them.” “Indyahbi” and its sister piece, “Zimbulu,” says Joanne, a longtime aficianado of African percussion, have a rhythm and inspire movement. “It is just limitless what can be created with rugs and how much they can contribute to a space.”

Now, with GoodWeave, not only do her rugs contribute to a space, she says, but in a small way, her rugs can contribute to humanity by helping the weavers and their families. “GoodWeave gives my artistry a whole other deeper meaning. The enormity of what GoodWeave is doing, the goodness and generosity of their work is magnificent.”

To learn more, visit www.jshurddesign.com.

This article was published in May 2017.