Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs

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Products: Rugs

Jacaranda’s handmade rugs and carpets are designed to offer a real variety of beautiful textures, soft natural colors and natural materials, to enhance a wide variety of locations.

Texture is at the heart of Jacaranda’s offering. We love quirky textures that can only be made by hand.

Natural fibers dominate. For blending luxury with durability, pure wool we believe makes the best floorcoverings. We also offer pure luxurious Chinese silk, and TENCEL® for its dramatic silk-like sheen.

Flexibility is also key. We offer stock rugs in various sizes up to 2.5×3.5m and broadloom carpet, for prompt delivery across Great Britain and Europe. We make bespoke rugs in all our rug styles and most broadloom textures too. We can color match Himalayan rugs, hand-knotted to our customers’ own designs.

Founded in 2003, Jacaranda is still owned and run by husband and wife team Lucy and Richard Meager. Both are firm supporters of Goodweave saying “We design and sell what we like. We take pride in being innovative and different. Above all, we believe that we can provide carpets, rugs and runners; using ethical and environmentally sound production practices, without compromise to quality, design or style. We support Goodweave because it ensures that all our rug production sites are open to genuinely random inspections by independent Goodweave inspectors. We are also proud that the levy we pay to Goodweave goes to improve rug production practices and to support the child victims of less ethical producers.”

For more information on Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs, visit: www.jacarandacarpets.com.