Joseph Carini Carpets

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Products: Rugs

Founded in 1998 by Joseph Carini, Joseph Carini Carpets produces fine handmade rugs from Nepal. Joseph Carini believes that a rug’s essence must appeal to both the eyes and the heart. Much more than simple floor coverings, the carpets speak for themselves, each representing the energy of all the individuals involved in its making. A rug made with child labor carries a negative energy that can be seen in the carpet and felt in the owner’s home. Joseph Carini Carpets participation in the GoodWeave┬« certification program ensures that the rugs speak of beauty, inside and out.

Three core principles are embodied Joseph Carini Carpets’ work: to make a beautiful, natural product that would rival the quality of the best carpets of past epochs; to benefit the people who weave the rugs and not harm the environment in the process; and to create work that goes beyond common commercial interests, delivering true artistic expression.

Artist, entrepreneur, musician, collector, urban explorer and nature-lover Joseph Carini is the creative force behind Joseph Carini Carpets. Having worked in contemporary carpet design for 20 years and with a deep fascination and thorough knowledge of antique oriental carpets, Joseph says handmade carpets are the medium in which he is most free to express himself.

In his artwork, he makes eloquent cognitive connections that transform his disparate inspirations into striking visual narratives. When he discusses his work, it’s about dynamics, movement, space, tension and release. An accomplished colorist, he talks a lot about energy–colors vibrating and blending optically to create new color.

In his industry Joseph is hailed as a thought leader. He deeply mulls both past and future to create something timeless. “I ask myself ‘Will it hold up?’ I fast-forward, imagine the design in five, ten, twenty years. If it works I move it forward.”

Beyond all of the art-speak and metaphysics he is at heart a lover of all things glamorous and his carpets are just that. But at its core the work is a spiritual quest. “I look for answers in what I do. Maybe this is a stretch,” he confesses, “but I hope to understand the universe through this work. It’s all connected somehow, and that’s what intrigues me.”

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