Kaja Gam Design

Licensed Brand
Products: Rugs

For designer Kaja Gam, a rug is an essential element in interior design. It is the specific colors, patterns, size, and shape of a rug that frame a room, becoming a virtual “fifth wall” in setting the overall look and feel of the space.

Kaja’s unique, custom-designed rugs are inspired by her Danish background, and reflect the mid-century modern Scandinavian style of clean lines, minimalist nature themes, and geometric patterns. Kaja also adopts rug styles of the past–Persian, Tudor, Oriental–to work in a more modern context. She will take a portion of a legacy rug motif, give it a modern update, and have that become the pattern for an entirely new rug.

Kaja’s partnership with GoodWeave is a rather interesting story. “I posted some of my rug designs on my website and Facebook page and, as a result, was contacted by weavers based in India,” recalls Kaja. “Upon investigation, I learned that their parent company was a member of GoodWeave, an organization that I was familiar with from designers whose rugs I have used in room design in the past. I have always admired their humanitarian efforts to end child labor and their certification of mills that do not employ children in their work force. So I was proud to become a GoodWeave member.”

“I now have the security of knowing that the rugs I design are not only being produced with the highest quality materials, but held to the highest humanitarian standards as well,” says Kaja. “I would not want to have my rugs produced any other way.”

To learn more about Kaja Gam Design, visit: www.kajagamdesign.com.