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Katherine Richards has been successfully running her own interior design company since 2006. In this decade of bespoke projects Katherine has created unique rugs tailored to the most exacting of clients. This experience was so creatively exciting that she decided to expand her business to include rug design which would be available to a wider audience.

Once she started researching the industry and discovering the negative practices that GoodWeave aims to eliminate, Katherine realised how very important and necessary GoodWeave is: “As a socially conscientious person and a loving mother myself, it is simply impossible to imagine the hardships the children and their families go through when they are separated and abused in the practices of slave labour.” It is for these reasons as well as wider reaching political stances that Katherine Richards Rugs are proud to be part of such a valuable organisation.”The clients who buy our rugs are impressed and more than willing to contribute to the GoodWeave cause when they order a rug from us.”

Katherine visited India to find a weaver who shared her ethos for design, quality and best practice, returning enthused and ready to begin work designing the first four collections. The rugs are hand knotted and hand tufted and feature a selection of beautiful natural yarns such as the finest New Zealand wool, bamboo, banana silk and mohair. The designs utilise a palette of over 2000 colours.

Katherine’s background is in theatre stage and costume design and she draws from both this and her interior design experience to bring together drama, movement, and colour in confident and exciting ways.

Currently, Katherine has a rug on display at Chelsea Harbour design Centre in the Abbott & Boyd Fabric and wallpaper showroom. She is also the first British designer to be invited to participate at the 2016 Venice Biennale. This will be the first time design has been included in the Biennale and Katherine’s rugs will be on show.

For more information on Katherine Richards Design, visit: www.katherinerichards.co.uk.