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Kismet Fine Rugs has been known for its selection of high-end fine rugs since Jeff, the owner, founded the company in Jackson, Wyoming in 1990. Much like the name Kismet, it was fate that brought Jeff to the beautiful state of Wyoming. It was also his heart and respect for weavers that brought him to GoodWeave®.

The story of Kismet, however, doesn’t begin in the American West. It begins in Tehran with the remarkable story a young boy who loved exploring the chaotic markets of the city where he grew up. Early on, Jeff was drawn to the color, feel and mystery of fabrics piled high at the markets. “I enjoyed the colors, and I loved meeting and talking to people,” he says looking back on his childhood.

Jeff travels around the world in search of the most exquisite rugs for his gallery. The weavers who craft the beautiful pieces found at Kismet Fine Rugs inspire Jeff each and every day. During his international travels, he uses every opportunity he has to spend time with them, “I just like to sit with the weavers to understand their craft and why they are so inspired to make a rug.” Yes, it is financial, he acknowledges, but the craftsmanship behind their rugs is equally as important to them.

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