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Land Rugs was established in 1999 and is run from Bristol, UK by Mark Vaughan OBE, son of British modernist artist Pip Benveniste (1921-2010). Its rug collection comprises designs by Pip Benveniste. The rugs are ethically produced and hand knotted in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal by highly skilled Nepalese and Tibetan weavers, using traditional Tibetan wools and dyeing practices. Each design can be bespoke made in any proportionate size.

Creating rug designs came at the culmination of Benveniste’s long and varied artistic career. She was the daughter of Bohemian artists and was born into the creative community of Newlyn, Cornwall (UK) in 1921. Perceptive with a strong enquiring mind, the natural world was Benveniste’s constant companion throughout her extensive output of work in oils, acrylic, watercolour, etching and film.

Mark Vaughan is a strong supporter of GoodWeave’s work: “Land Rugs is a registered importer with GoodWeave and we also donate an additional 5% of sales to support GoodWeave’s educational and children’s rights activities; we warmly support all of GoodWeave’s efforts in the field of children’s rights and social justice”.

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