Liza Phillips Design

Licensed Brand

When artist and designer Liza Phillips launched her company in 2004, she knew its philosophy would be based on good design and good labor practices. Having several workshops in Kathmandu, Liza understood the industry’s potential for exploitation. Determined to do everything possible to better the lives of weavers and their children as they face the future, she joined the GoodWeave® certification program.

Liza’s approach to design often begins with a conceptual theme and a color idea. Early on her rugs had game themes, such as “Ball Court” and “String Game”; others are inspired by nature and her own paintings and photographs of nature.  She has come to see rug design as a tactile form of painting, well suited to the bold, graphic character of the medium. Liza has a keen appreciation for the complexity of color and its relationships.

Liza’s lifelong involvement with art is rooted in her family and her growing up in an environment filled with modern art and design. Her grandfather was Duncan Phillips, the art collector and founder of the Phillips Collection, and her grandmother was painter Marjorie Phillips. After receiving a BA in art history and philosophy at Vassar College, Liza worked in set design, architectural illustration, magazine production and graphic design, all the while painting and exhibiting her work. She attended Skowhegan School of Art and received an MA in painting from Chelsea College of Art in London.

Liza sees her relationships with her manufacturers as essentially artistic collaborations. Each rug hinges on the skill and focus of individuals with their own lives and families. Humane working conditions are an absolute necessity.

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