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When Amir Loloi, founder of Loloi Rugs, a family business headquartered in Dallas, started his company he says it all began with a dream.  “I just wanted to make a difference in the industry.” And so he has. With his sons Steven and Cyrus on the team, Loloi consistently creates imaginative products and promotes values of sustainability, fairness, and respect for the artisans who craft Loloi’s extensive range of rugs. Of their partnership with GoodWeave, Steven who is the company’s Sr. VP of sales (Cyrus is Sr. VP of Marketing), says, “GoodWeave’s combination of social compliance and bettering people’s lives in their communities is a perfect fit.”

Loloi’s over one hundred twenty collections of masterfully handcrafted and distinctive rugs are everywhere. One might even say that their trends, in some respects, drive the industry. Those styles range from rugs such as hand tufted 100% wool pieces with lively geometric designs, riffs on traditional carpets in polyester and viscose, hand knotted 100% wool pile pieces in palettes of subtle natural hues and playful floral hooked 100% wool pieces. “We try to keep bringing in new concepts and new colors and new designs.” It’s all about innovation Amir says describing where he thinks Loloi has the biggest impact in the market.

Indeed Loloi, as their size, popularity with buyers, multiple awards and collaborations with notable designers and celebrities testify, is a leader in the industry. But most importantly, from the very first, the company has been driven by Amir Loloi’s values. Those values which Steven describes as “ just always trying to do the right thing,” touch every part of the business including their relationship with customers, suppliers and the communities in which the company is based. Loloi is committed to being a leader in the industry ethically too.

The Loloi family is generally modest about their business accomplishments and discreet about their service to the community. One thing, however, that they are most pleased to talk about with customers and the public at large is their alliance with GoodWeave. GoodWeave, like Loloi, they say, has the welfare of the weavers and their families as a priority. “GoodWeave is an organization that does what it says and does it ethically.”

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