Lotus Collection

Licensed Brand

Lotus Collection was born out of our personal enthusiasm for sensual material, for colours and for craftsmanship. In the late 1990s we were invited to work in Nepal as designers by a carpet manufacturer who is one of the pioneers of sustainable production and a founder of RugMark in Nepal.

There we discovered Allo, a wild nettle from the Himalayas that finally became the signature material of Lotus Collection’s first hand woven interior textiles.

Later in 2007 we started the production of hand-knotted carpets which are since then manufactured individually according to the client’s specifications. Our carpet color palette comprises 55 shades and several tonal patterning. Their effect varies according to different combinations of fibers and knotting densities. The Allo fiber still plays an important role for us. In the carpet pile we use Allo in combination with Tibetan Highland Wool and silk.

Always looking for original materials, we have in the extended the Lotus Collection to Ahimsa Silk cushions from India and deliciously soft Alpaca weaves from Peru. We work with fair-trade certified manufacturers in these countries.

We are very happy about GoodWeave’s constant work, ensuring reasonable production standards for our Nepalese carpets.

To learn more, visit www.lotuscollection.com.