Maison Deux

Licensed Brand
Products: Rugs

“We say that everything we do is creating a world where minimalism meets fun,” says Woes Weinberg, co-founder of Maison Deux, explaining the company’s mission.  And, indeed, Maison Deux’s handcrafted wood toys, home décor items and the 100 percent European and New Zealand wool rugs designed by partner and wife Pia are fun. There is also, however, a more serious message behind the sleek products of this Amsterdam-based home goods business. “When we started we also knew we wanted to contribute something,” Woes says, “and we are collaborating with GoodWeave® to make sure that we are contributing.”

The couple, fans of minimalist art and contemporary design from leading edge artists such as Lex Pott, produces children’s rugs that are whimsical and attractive to the younger set, but have the tastes of the whole household in mind. “We want to create rugs that are nice for the parents too,” he explains. “We design rugs for multiple generations to last for generations.”

To that end, for example, is their popular hand-tufted black and white rug called “Eyes”. Another favorite in bright contrasting colors is the “Love” rug with a three-dimensional feel created by carved high and low pile. Their design inspirations, say Woes, a former brand marketer and Pia a longtime art director, come from street fashion culture such as running shoes and tee shirts. The results are always bold, modern and playful rugs with an irrepressible energy such as  “Hot Dog” an aubergine and mustard piece that appeals to both kids and their design-driven parents.

Neither Pia nor Woes is new to projects that have a social mission. Both have a long history of being deeply concerned about sustainability, the environment and the rights of workers and while they stress that they don’t want people to buy their product just because of the social mission, it is something they want buyers to take into account. “You always want to make the world a better place and GoodWeave is indeed a partner to make sure we do good”.

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