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Products: Rugs

Makeda was founded in 2011 by Swedish designer Anna Forsberg. Forsberg’s idea was developed after several years of running her own design store in Stockholm, selling art, fashion and jewelry.

“I wanted to combine art and graphic design with utility, in the same way that fashion design combines aesthetics with function. By using the space on the floor, rather than the wall, the rug becomes both a canvas and a piece of furniture,” says Forsberg.

The rugs are produced in a collaboration between contemporary design sensibilities and traditional Tibetan-Nepalese knowledge, woven together in the high mountains of Nepal.

“The value of the rugs lies in the aesthetics as well as the process leading up to the finished product. Fair working conditions and child-labor free production has been preconditions for the company. Therefore I was happy to, through GoodWeave, find a producer who shares the same social and ethical beliefs as me.”

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