Matteo Pala

Licensed Brand
Products: Rugs

Matteo Pala grew up in his father Angelo’s shop, one of the first to import oriental carpets in Vincenza, Italy in the 1970’s. Matteo recalls running amongst the carpets and smelling the intense wool, hearing words like Turkey, India and China, and fantasizing of all of the exotic places. Carpets were his pastime, which grew into a passion and today are his profession. Matteo believes that “A carpet should be accessible to everyone. True luxury is to have a unique and personalized item.” For this reason, he works with very specific customizations for his clients.

Matteo Pala has created a series of collections that are easily integrated into any interior, yet are unique and impactful. The vintage collection embraces the soul of ancient handcrafted carpets, redesigned with a modern flair. Everything is done by hand from the first shaving to discoloring to recoloring the carpet with vibrant colors to give it a new life. This unique work upholds the original design from 900 AC but brings it to life with spectacular colors, giving it a fresh and modern take. The contemporary carpets are manufactured in Nepal, Tibet, Turkey and India with high quality material such as wool, viscos and silk. These carpets are for a very demanding market, where tradition meets new age. Matteo’s idea is to unite the distant cultures and give each carpet an Italian touch.

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