Matthew Wailes (London)

Licensed Brand
Products: Rugs

Matthew Wailes has worked in the rug industry for over 25 years and is well-known on the London design scene. He lives and breathes rugs, equally at home designing bespoke commissions for a private residence as for a commercial locations and yachts. Clients include interior designers, architects and private customers, who are invited to commission an entirely bespoke design or choose from Matthew Wailes’ own exclusive portfolio. The Matthew Wailes online collection spans a broad diversity of styles from Arts and Crafts to Botanical, Geometric to Classical, all of which can be re-worked in colours to suit the specific decor.

Each rug or wall to wall carpet is hand-knotted in a choice of the finest of materials, including silk, cashmere, hemp, wool, and mohair. Wailes works closely with clients to interpret their vision and aspirations and is convinced: “There are no short-cuts to perfection”.

For Matthew, the design is just the start. He works closely with his hand knotting manufacturer in Nepal, with whom he has worked for many years, and visits regularly. His relationship with his supplier is very much a partnership, as is his association with GoodWeave. His visit following the 2015 earthquakes took in GoodWeave’s Hamro Ghar: “Despite the political and economic issues which the people of Nepal are forced to endure, the children at Hamro Ghar were happy, enthusiastic and a joy to meet. My visit brought home to me the outstanding work GoodWeave does in a very difficult environment – it was quite overwhelming and has galvanised me to do more to help improve their lives”.

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