Sage Green Designs

Licensed Brand
Products: Rugs

Sage Green Designs is unique among GoodWeave’s UK licence holders as it focusses exclusively on hand-loomed tapestry wall-hangings. Neil and Amanda Burchell bought the company in late 2013 as they were attracted by the fact they had never seen products like the tapestries before, but also that they were approved by GoodWeave.

“We had been looking into the gift and home furnishing markets”, explained Amanda, “and had a number of criteria which needed to be satisfied. We wanted the products to be unique, of great quality, have competitive pricing and, if sourced from outside the UK, be manufactured to a very high ethical standard. Working with GoodWeave has given us the reassurance that what we do makes a positive contribution to society in rural India.”

The tapestries themselves are individually hand-woven with brightly coloured wools and cottons onto a jute background. Tapestry weaving is a skill that has been passed down through the generations in the Varanasi region of northern India. The work is still carried out in rural villages with the men predominantly the weavers and the women carrying out the intricate embroidery which finishes the designs.

“We have started a programme of new product development and are working closely with Allison Murray, a well-known UK designer, to bring a collection of more contemporary and co-ordinated range of designs. These will be introduced in the summer of 2016. We started out with four collections” says Amanda, “consisting of Nautical, Countryside, Floral and Animal ranges, and have recently expanded to include not only the Allison Murray collection of tapestries inspired by the beautiful Cotswold countryside, but also traditional British Seaside scenes and Icons.”

Sage Green Designs sells to both the gift and home-furnishing markets primarily in the UK and Ireland, but do have loyal customers elsewhere, especially in Malta!

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