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There is a word in German for inspiration, i n s p i r i e r t. Tilmann Vossberg, co-owner of the Hamburg-based Vossberg, uses the word often when he describes his love of carpets and when he speaks of the weavers who craft them. It made perfect sense in his mind, he says, to join GoodWeave® in order to insure those weavers and their families were protected from exploitation. “With GoodWeave,” he says, “we are sure that there is control even in the small villages and, most importantly, that there are no children involved.”

The relatively small company began almost a half century ago as a neighborhood shop known for its fashion and its unusual collection of ethnic items including textiles. The store’s reputation began to grow by word of mouth and from a spate of flattering magazine articles. Customers loved the interesting selection of items, the personalized service and attention to the details with every purchase. Vossberg is still a family company in all senses of the word. The employees, Tilmann says, are like family too.

Today Vossberg’s large selection of flat woven rugs, mostly reproductions of antique carpets or kilims and dhurries, is inspired by antique and vintage carpets. The inspirations for designs are far ranging. They can run from a rare antique piece knotted in Samarkand to an unlikely art deco sketch the family found in a Parisian flea market. The Samarkand, Blue, a wool and cotton flat weave, is a particular family favorite. “The colors and the design are just so beautiful,” Tilmann says of the blue rug with its interwoven panoply of warm colors. Finding interesting patterns for rugs for their clients is a passion and a labor of love for Tillman. He speaks about “diving into history and diverse world cultures” to find new ideas. “We are tirelessly looking for the extraordinary and we find it!”

The popularity of Vossberg carpets is a testament to the success of the company’s commitment to discovering extraordinary designs, but as Tilmann points out, the aesthetic of the rugs is one part of the recipe for success with clients. Vossberg buyers are also pleased that the company’s other mission is social justice. “Our clients are happy to hear that the weaving is controlled and that there is no child labor,” he says.
“GoodWeave is doing a good job and that helps us have a good reputation.

For more information go to: vossbergversand.de