Warp & Weft

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Products: Rugs

Michael Mandapati, founder of Warp & Weft, could never imagine that a summer job in a New Delhi rug gallery while attending college would reveal the passion of his life. His love for rugs has only grown over the past 30 years as his interest, nourished by desire to find a perfect rug for any space, has spread from antique and decorative rugs to modern designs.

“A space is defined through the articulation of its details. It is the principles of design which actualize that articulation through color, form, texture and light. With a commitment to principles of design any space has the ability to fully realize its potential.” This is the belief that Michael Mandapati’s Warp & Weft has maintained since inception in 2001 and this is the standard that Warp & Weft brings to every space.

In 2004, inspired by the Great American Quilts of Gee’s Bend, Michael started to manufacture his own designs, but with the quality and aesthetic impact of antique pieces and expanded by creating Warp & Weft Modern & Custom Collection aimed at those who prefer a more minimalist look. Michael works with a small team of graphic and textile artists to design each rug, emphasizing the space the rug will decorate. Designs of the Modern & Custom Collection are made from hand-carded, hand-spun Himalayan wool and Indian mulberry silk. Hand woven by skilled artisans in Nepal these carpets are then sent to Switzerland for washing and finishing.

Michael understands that having the highest quality materials leads to the best rugs and that the best rugs are made without child labor. Being a member of GoodWeave not only offers his customers the assurance that child labor was not used. “With strong child labor laws and with the help of GoodWeave we can make a difference to achieve the goal of ending child labor a reality,” said Michael.

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