GoodWeave International announces new membership and leadership on board of directors

Samir Goswami, Chavi Keeney Nana, and Dr. Kalpana Sankar join primary governance body; Michelle Fenty, Shamarukh Mohiuddin, Samir Goswami, Shilpa Nadhan, and Alissandra Aronow elected as new Executive Committee officers

GoodWeave hosts its first workshop in Bangladesh

On March 4, as part of a field visit to Bangladesh, GoodWeave International hosted a workshop titled “Mitigating Risks of Child Labor in Ready-made Garment Supply Chains”.

SESSION RECORDING – Can Holistic Due Diligence Stop Child Labor? Exploring Strategies in Global Supply Chains

Doing Goods and GoodWeave join forces to prevent child labor

AMSTERDAM, January 4, 2024 – Today, GoodWeave International and home accessory brand Doing Goods, announce a new partnership to combat child and forced labor in carpet supply chains. GoodWeave operates a licensing and certification program which offers the best assurance that textile products are made without child and forced labor.

Primary school in GoodWeave-supported Child Friendly Community wins best school award

The primary government school of Gobardhanpur in Mirzapur, India was recently named best school by the District Magistrate for excelling in student enrollment and retention, as well as overall management for the 2022-2023 school year.

Hem Moktan: He Made It

Hem Moktan was 13 years old when he was freed from a carpet factory in Kathmandu by a GoodWeave inspector. He was enrolled in GoodWeave’s transit home for former child laborers where he received an education. He now works to protect other children and serves as Child Development Officer at Nepal GoodWeave Foundation. Hem’s story demonstrates how GoodWeave’s work transforms both global supply chains and individual lives. View both short and long versions of the film.

GoodWeave works to stop child labor in global supply chains. Permanently.

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