More than 152 million children are forced into labor. Together we can restore their childhoods.

COVID-19 Update and Response

As we all pull together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate business disruptions, GoodWeave International has taken a number of steps to continue operations, as well as support workers, children and partner companies during this crisis.

The human cost of cheap prices

We’ve all been there: a weekend shopping trip to put you in a great mood, a sale on a line of clothes that is just your style or a nice window display that catches your eye. You get caught up in the moment and go all out. What you are not thinking about while making your purchases is who made them and in what conditions. When you get home, you find a note in the pocket, it’s a plea for help from the child worker describing the hazardous working conditions they endured to make your new jeans.

Gulafsa’s Story

Gulafsa is a former child laborer who was identified by a GoodWeave inspector while working in a factory in India. She is now in school with dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer. Gulafsa is already showing promise; she designed and stitched the dress she is wearing in this photograph. See the Gleam in Her Eye as she shares her vision for the future here.

Nirmala’s Story

Hear the story of rescued child laborer Nirmala, who found a path to freedom and education through GoodWeave. Nirmala’s story shows that behind every number is a name, a face and a story. We believe every child deserves a childhood – the freedom to laugh, play, and learn.

GoodWeave works to end child labor in global supply chains, from the producer’s hands to the consumer’s.

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