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Senior Data Analyst

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Consultant for Inspection Manual Revision and Benchmarking


Senior Data Analyst


SUPERVISOR:  Director, Standards and Certification

Position Description:

The Senior Data Analyst will be in charge of GoodWeave’s data systems, which  includes overseeing our Supply Chain Transparency Platform; recommending an integrated data collection and management system of our business and program indicators, where possible; and working to deploy technology in support of GoodWeave’s operations. The Senior Data Analyst, in close coordination with GoodWeave’s Director of Standards and Certification, will oversee our Supply Chain Transparency Platform database and mobile application, including questionnaire/checklist design of GoodWeave’s Standard; data collection, capture, coding; data quality control and validation; data storage; data analysis and visualization; and database management and maintenance.  The Senior Data Analyst will oversee all data functions involved in data collection and database development, storage, security and retrieval, and work with technology service providers to develop, maintain, and improve database management systems and software.  The Senior Data Analyst will engage and work with our country-based teams on a consistent approach to data collection and reporting, including troubleshooting and improving data collection, capture, and validation issues. In addition, the Senior Data Analyst will advise GoodWeave management on the best technology applications to improve organizational effectiveness and program management.

The successful candidate will be a highly motivated team player; well-organized and detail-oriented; adept at building relationships inside and outside the organization; and have relevant experience, certifications, and coursework in data collection and management, data analysis and visualization, database development and maintenance, information technology . S/he/they must thrive in an autonomous, fast-paced, deadline-driven environment and possess a commitment to social justice and GoodWeave’s mission, values and work ethic.

Specific duties include:

  • Managing GoodWeave’s Supply Chain Transparency database, tracking and troubleshooting issues, and developing new feature requests from Secretariat and country office teams;
  • Reviewing, developing, and maintaining GoodWeave’s data collection systems;
  • Maintaining the relevant checklists/questionnaires in paper copy and on-line;
  • Defining technical architecture for new and existing solutions, and helping inform all development activities to align with the same;
  • Developing and maintaining data collection protocols and reporting logic map;
  • Conducting an in-depth review of GoodWeave’s existing supply chain database to ensure optimal functionality;
  • Coordinating with software developers to address and implement fixes and new development;
  • Developing scopes of work for technology providers, negotiating and tracking pricing and costs, and reviewing invoices associated with work;
  • Manage purchasing and contract renewal processes with external vendors for all centrally managed hardware and platforms;
  • Providing database training and support for GoodWeave staff, including those in field offices;
  • Monitoring usage and data quality of supply chain database;
  • Validating data and performing data quality assurance with country teams;
  • Developing and generating required report forms, including brand reports;
  • Developing and analyzing data visualizations to improve organizational performance; and
  • Carrying out other tasks as assigned to support GoodWeave’s mission.

Required Qualifications:

The successful candidate will have:

  • A passion for GoodWeave’s mission, with a commitment to using data to advance social goals;
  • Minimum 5 years relevant work experience on research, data collection, and analysis, including questionnaire design, data collection, database management, mobile application development and maintenance;
  • Ability to manage complex datasets and analyze and visualize data using different tools (Excel, R, SAS, STATA, Tableau, SQL, PostgreSQL );
  • Experience using technology platforms to track issue and support requests, using applications such as Smartsheet;
  • Experience conducting analysis, writing about and presenting complex data (including preparing graphs and other data visualizations) for both technical and non-technical audiences;
  • Analyzing data and trends to strategically evaluate, inform, and improve programmatic and organizational effectiveness;
  • Experience working with software development service providers, including developing scopes of work, work orders, and business development requirements for IT and database vendors;
  • Experience in overseeing technology vendors, including negotiating pricing and approving invoices;
  • Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, including ability to connect with people from diverse cultural backgrounds;
  • Team orientation, with experience working with remote and/or international teams; and
  • Native level English language.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of big data technology, architecture best practices, and application development;
  • Experience with mapping supply chains and working in an international development context is a plus; and
  • Other language ability an asset.

Supervisor:  Reports to Chief Program Officer with day-to-day oversight by the Director, Certification and Standards.

Conditions of Employment: GoodWeave International is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of any status or condition protected by applicable law. Employment is contingent on the results of a background investigation and positive references.

Compensation and benefits: This is a full-time position. Compensation is commensurate with experience. GoodWeave International offers a generous benefits package.

Directions: To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and school transcripts to:  Personnel@GoodWeave.org.  The cover letter should explain your interest in working for GoodWeave, and how your knowledge, skills, and abilities make you a desired candidate for this position.  Please note “PERSONNEL:  Application for GoodWeave Senior Manager of Data and Technology” in the email subject line. No phone calls please.



Consultant for Inspection Manual Revision and Benchmarking


GoodWeave is seeking to hire a consultant for a two-part consultancy: 1) revise the GoodWeave Licensing, Inspections, Monitoring and Certification (IMC) Manual, and 2) benchmark the GoodWeave International Generic Standard against a peer organization Standard and assurance system used for audits to assess social and labor conditions, and remediation and support programs.

Project Description:

GoodWeave’s emergent program in the apparel sector in India currently partners with major US and European brands to ensure their supply chains are free from child labor. The work goes well beyond tier 1 factories deep into outsourced production, including home-based embellishment work, and includes remediation and prevention. In May 2019, GoodWeave launched the new International Generic Standard (GoodWeave Standard) to allow our organization to certify products beyond carpets, such as home textiles and apparel. The GoodWeave Standard also strengthens requirements associated with GoodWeave’s principles of no child labor, no forced or bonded labor, and transparent business practices. GoodWeave’s IMC manual, outlines the procedures and protocols licensing, inspection, monitoring, and certification operations in all countries where GoodWeave operates. This manual needs to be updated, both to reflect these Page 2 of 3 strengthened requirements and to ensure that the manual’s procedures account for any variances in inspection guidance necessary for ongoing oversight of new sectors. The first phase of this consultancy focuses on this work. Building on this work, there is a second phase of the consultancy which incorporates this manual as one a key tool to benchmark GoodWeave’s Standard against that of a peer organization. To streamline, expand, sustain, and accelerate impact for children, GoodWeave has established a strategic alliance with a peer organization that conducts tier 1 supply chain assessments in the fashion industry, to complement its deeper due diligence. Integral to building an effective partnership is comparing GoodWeave’s Standard and assurance system with this organization’s Standard and assurance system, using the GoodWeave system as a benchmark. The benchmarking would identify gaps and strategies to close them, such that alignment can be achieved without compromising strong standards, full transparency, and rigorous monitoring. The consultant will work closely with GoodWeave teams in Washington, DC, Germany, Nepal and India. GoodWeave staff will provide background and context about the GoodWeave System, including its Standard and the assurance processes in country, as well as share relevant material from partner companies and organizations.

Download Complete Terms of Reference (PDF)