Measurable benefits for children and entire communities.

10,495 children restored freedom

96,400 children directly provided educational opportunities

117,817 workers reached in supply chains in 2023

GoodWeave recently adjusted the methodology for counting children provided with educational opportunity.
Through years of implementation, we recognize that our whole community approach benefits every child, not just those in the highest tier of risk.

For nearly 30 years, GoodWeave has implemented and refined a set of market-driven programs to stop child labor. Our holistic approach aims to heal and educate those children who have been exploited, while changing the underlying root causes. Our work has led to an overall reduction in  incidence of child labor in GoodWeave-inspected supply chains, as well as to freedom and education for children. We are also setting a roadmap with suppliers to improve working conditions for all workers. We’ve accomplished these results in partnership with more than 400 companies worldwide. But behind every data point there is a person, and these are their stories.

Nirmala’s Story

Hear the story of rescued child laborer Nirmala, who found a path to freedom and education through GoodWeave. Nirmala’s story shows that behind every number is a name, a face and a story. We believe every child deserves a childhood – the freedom to laugh, play, and learn.

Stories of Impact

Healing and hope for child labor survivors in Nepal

Written by Silvia Mera.

It is a sunny early afternoon in Kathmandu, Nepal. The streets, though not bustling, hum with the occasional passing motorbike and the cheerful laughter of children walking hand in hand with their mothers. As I ascend the stairs to the top floor of “Hamro Ghar” – the home for child labor survivors managed by the Nepal GoodWeave Foundation – a sense of hope fills the air.

Primary school in GoodWeave-supported Child Friendly Community wins best school award

The primary government school of Gobardhanpur in Mirzapur, India was recently named best school by the District Magistrate for excelling in student enrollment and retention, as well as overall management for the 2022-2023 school year.

Evaluation Reports

End-Term Review of Sourcing Freedom: Expanding GoodWeave’s Work to Address Modern Slavery in UK Company Supply Chains

This independent evaluation (pages 8-9), conducted in 2019 by the UK Government’s Modern Slavery Innovation Fund, assesses the results of a two-year project to expand GoodWeave’s supply chain and preventative programming in India. The evaluation finds “strong evidence that Goodweave’s methodology can, over time, produce systemic and behavioural change in different stakeholders – ranging from suppliers, to individuals in bonded/child labour, government and middlemen.”

External Evaluation of GoodWeave’s Child Friendly Communities Programming

This report examines the impact of GoodWeave’s Child Friendly Communities (CFCs). Based in India, CFCs provide educational remediation programming and school enrollment assistance in communities where carpets, apparel, home textiles and tea are produced.

Impact Reports

2020 Impact Report