for children


entire communities.

3,800 children directly freed from exploitation

20,033 children enrolled in schools

55,114 workers covered under the GoodWeave System

For more than two decades, GoodWeave has implemented and  refined a set of  market-driven programs to stop child labor. Our holistic approach aims to heal and educate those children who have been exploited, while changing the underlying root causes. Our work has led to an overall reduction in  incidence of child labor in GoodWeave-inspected supply chains, as well as to freedom and education for more than 24,000 children and improved working conditions 55,000 for adult workers.  We’ve accomplished these results in partnership with 350 companies worldwide.

But behind every data point there is a person, and these are their stories.

Kailash Satyarthi on the Founding of GoodWeave

Kailash Satyarthi began risking his life to conduct rescue raids freeing boys and girls in India who were torn from their families and exploited as cheap labor early in his career. Learn about one such raid that marked not only the beginning of the birth of GoodWeave, but a turning point for the child labor movement.

Stories of Impact

Sudhir: Choosing His Own Path

GoodWeave-supported Motivation and Learning Camps (MLCs) were established to help bring the benefit of schooling in rural villages in India where children are especially vulnerable to exploitation. The MLCs are crucial in bridging the education gap between at-risk children and the rest of their school-going peers, which can become a key factor in allowing these children the ability to choose their own path—as exemplified by a young boy named Sudhir.

Women Workers Exercise Their Right to an Education

It seems the desire to get a basic education, no matter what age, is infectious.

Impact Reports

2015 Global Indicators Evaluation Summary Report

This report summarizes the evaluation of GoodWeave’s global indicators data collected in 2015. The report examines whether GoodWeave’s program strategies are contributing to the intended change described in the global results framework.

Baseline Survey of Beneficiary Households in Afghanistan

Annexes (Excel):
Annex C Baseline Survey Household Data
Annex D Baseline Survey Child Data