Videos of Impact

Unseen: Informal Garment Workers of Bangladesh

This short video highlights the story of Sayema, a Bangladeshi informal garment worker, and her family who GoodWeave and partner organization Awaj Foundation supported with urgent food relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fashion’s Hidden Supply Chain

This inspirational, three-minute video highlights the story of Muskaan, a 13-year-old girl and former child laborer, discovered by GoodWeave inspectors while working in a home-based, outsourced apparel supply chain in India. It was filmed and produced by Will Jack Robinson of The Studio_M.

Hem Moktan: He Made It

Hem Moktan was 13 years old when he was freed from a carpet factory in Kathmandu by a GoodWeave inspector. He was enrolled in GoodWeave’s transit home for former child laborers where he received an education. He now works to protect other children and serves as Child Development Officer at Nepal GoodWeave Foundation. Hem’s story demonstrates how GoodWeave’s work transforms both global supply chains and individual lives. View both short and long versions of the film.

One Hundred & Fifty Two

Many thanks to Will Jack Robinson of Studio_M for creating this award-winning short documentary about GoodWeave’s work.

Gulafsa’s Story

Gulafsa is a former child laborer who was identified by a GoodWeave inspector while working in a factory in India. She is now in school with dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer or doctor. Gulafsa is already pursuing her dream; she designed and stitched the dress she is wearing in this film. See the Gleam in Her Eye as she shares her vision for the future.

Nirmala’s Story

Hear the story of rescued child laborer Nirmala, who found a path to freedom and education through GoodWeave. Nirmala’s story shows that behind every number is a name, a face and a story. We believe every child deserves a childhood – the freedom to laugh, play, and learn.

Stand with Sanju

Child servitude is a crime committed against 168 million children worldwide. Stand With Sanju demonstrates what an important role consumers play in making a difference. By using a rigorous and internationally recognized certification program, GoodWeave certifies carpet supply chains as being free of child labor. Additionally, they provide support for children like Sanju who have been rescued.

Kailash Satyarthi on the Founding of GoodWeave

Kailash Satyarthi began risking his life to conduct rescue raids freeing boys and girls in India who were torn from their families and exploited as cheap labor early in his career. Learn about one such raid that marked not only the beginning of the birth of GoodWeave, but a turning point for the child labor movement.

GoodWeave Enables Families to Rebuild Homes in the Aftermath of the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes

On April 25 and May 12, 2015, two powerful earthquakes struck Nepal. Schools, homes and factories came crashing down, taking both lives and livelihoods. With the support of generous donors, this is where GoodWeave stepped in to help weavers and factory owners like Bimal.

How GoodWeave and Target are Making Dreams Come True in Panipat, India

This video tells the story of one veteran weaver who calls Panipat home. After two decades of work, he was recently hired at a Target vendor rug factory and suddenly, he told us, his dreams started coming true. “See”, he says, “all factories are not the same.” Now, because of Target’s partnership with GoodWeave, he can send his children to school. He’s especially proud when he drops off his daughters in the morning.