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Become an Industry Partner

Does your company sell but not import GoodWeave-certified rugs or home textiles? As a business that sells products certified by GoodWeave, you’re not only making the world more beautiful by selling artisanal products, you’re making the world better by requiring transparent supply chains and providing your customers with an ethical choice. Take your commitment further and stand out from your competitors. Joining GoodWeave as an Industry Partner allows you to increase awareness of your store or showroom, gain valuable selling tools, and appeal to the growing market of socially conscious consumers.


Promote Ethical Production

Becoming an Industry Partner means supporting an organization that has rescued and offered long-term educational sponsorship to thousands of children. Through its monitoring system of unannounced, rigorous inspections, GoodWeave offers the best assurance for rug and home textile importers and consumers that no child, forced, or bonded labor was used in the making of their product being purchased. Let your customers know that you’re committed to ethical production, and give them the confidence they need to buy products produced by artisans working under decent conditions.

“Previously, not two weeks would go by without someone asking about the use of child labor in our products. I was elated to be able to tell prospective customers about GoodWeave. I had never before had a way to assure them.” – A sales specialist at Macy’s with two decades of experience in the rug business

Establish Credibility

No other organization in the industry employs stricter standards for developing and managing its certification. This is increasingly critical, as governments around the globe are adopting new and more meaningful legislation to enforce transparency and prohibit child and forced labor. Affiliating yourself with GoodWeave and selling GoodWeave-certified products will help you protect your business in an evolving legal environment where the demand for transparency is on the rise.

Add Value

Industry Partners gain a visible affiliation with GoodWeave. From GoodWeave content on your website, to materials in your showroom and co-branded events, this visible partnership makes it clear to your clients that your business is committed to ethical production and supports GoodWeave’s programs. Your customers will be pleased to know that a portion of their rug price also supports these programs. When companies support social and environmental issues, 87 percent of consumers increase their trust in the brand.  Your affiliation with GoodWeave is an effective way to build customer affinity, trust, and continued loyalty for your store or showroom.

Marketing Support

The GoodWeave Partner Toolkit includes all of the resources you’ll need to communicate your association with GoodWeave. Meanwhile, our own consumer awareness campaign works to promote your business through advertising, global press coverage, and our website’s Find Certified Products online search tool. Affiliate your business with GoodWeave and show consumers that you’re committed to ethical production.