We’re altering the fabric of global supply chains—and giving children a second chance.

Our Mission

GoodWeave works to end child labor in global supply chains, from the producer’s hands to the consumer’s.

GoodWeave is one of the first and only examples of an organization working to end child labor by connecting all the dots between New Delhi and New York, between a back alley factory and a boutique shop, between an artisan and the end consumer. Our market-driven model includes: corporate engagement, labor monitoring, product certification, consumer awareness, victim assistance, and grassroots social programs. It’s a holistic approach that aims to heal and educate those children who have been exploited, while changing the underlying circumstances and values in their home, their village and the international business community that ultimately led them away from the school desk and onto a work bench. This is how you end child labor in any manufacturing sector, permanently.

Our Founding Story

During a live television talk show in Germany in the early 1990s, an elderly woman called up. She had been listening to Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi talk about the scourge of child labor in South Asia’s carpet industry. And she was moved. She was convinced. She said she was going to throw out her carpet. And then she issued a challenge: “I am very old. I only have 10 years left. I can’t wait. You look young. You must do something so that I can buy a new carpet.” It’s been more than 20 years since Kailash’s idea for GoodWeave was born. Watch Kailash talk about this founding moment, which, together with many of his other initiatives to stop child labor, led to his Nobel Peace prize in 2014.