GoodWeave Logos

Download image files of the GoodWeave logo for use on off-product materials such as advertisements, print materials and websites to build awareness about your affiliation with GoodWeave and commitment to social responsibility. Please share any usage of the GoodWeave logo and associated language with us for review prior to publishing by contacting

Reproduction of the logo must always be completed using the approved electronic file art. Never distort or change the logo in any way. Logos are available in EPS, JPG and PNG formats; contact us if you need another file format besides those offered below. The logo should always have good contrast with the background to ensure it stands out. The all blue version is the primary logo, however there are four additional color versions that can be used as alternatives when needed.

Primary Logo

Alternate Logos

When the logo appears on a darker color background or darker photos, the color logo with GoodWeave in white should be used.
If the background image is busy or the colors compete with the all blue or blue and white logos, use the all-white version. Below are examples of correct logo usage on photos:

Photo credit: The Studio_M –