GoodWeave International Names New Board Chair, Welcomes New Board Member and Fills Key Executive Position

October 4, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC.  October 3, 2018 – GoodWeave International, the pioneering organization with almost 25 years of experience working to end child labor in global supply chains, today elected Claude Fontheim Chairman of the Board, Edward Millard as Vice Chairman, and welcomed new member Michelle Fenty. In addition, the organization recently filled a key executive position by naming Bruce Moats as Chief Communications and Impact Officer.

These decisions reflect GoodWeave’s continued commitment to ensuring strong leadership on the Board and in the organization at a time when child labor can — and should — be eradicated.  “GoodWeave brings visibility to companies and consumers at all levels of the supply chain, including the informal supply chain where abuses are most likely to occur,” said founding CEO Nina Smith.  “A convergence of growing corporate leadership priorities on social accountability, increased consumer awareness and demands, and emerging policies and legislation is forming to create the opportunity to stomp out child labor globally.  And, we have a diverse and experienced Board that is poised to support us in our vision of a world free of child labor.”

“Today, we’ve taken another step to ensure GoodWeave remains the leading voice in the fight against child labor,” said Board Chairman Claude Fontheim.  “Our top priority will be to support and guide the organization in developing its 2025 strategy that leverages a proven, market-based approach that has the potential to scale as the global solution across all sectors and geographies to end child labor with a level of unparalleled authenticity,” Fontheim added, “Outgoing Chairwoman Patricia Hambrick leaves GoodWeave in a positon of strength, and I’m grateful for her dedication and leadership.”  Ms. Hambrick will remain on the Board.

Over the almost 25 years of harnessing market power through its work with brands, licenses, and exporters, GoodWeave has rescued over 5,000 children from labor, provided quality education to almost 26,000 rescued and vulnerable children, and reached more than 75,000 workers predominantly in carpet supply chains.  Most recently, GoodWeave has expanded into apparel, home textiles, fashion jewelry, bricks, and tea where its reach and impact continue to grow.  GoodWeave’s impact goes beyond reach numbers as it has been a leading voice in positively influencing societal norms and behaviors to eliminate child and forced labor.

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Claude Fontheim, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Fontheim is the CEO of Fontheim International and the Chairman of the GlobalWorks Foundation. He has expertise in a broad array of business, foreign and trade policy, labor, human rights, and economic development issues. He advises global businesses, elected officials and nonprofit organizations regarding these issues. Mr. Fontheim was among the first corporate social responsibility practitioners. He also serves on the Board Executive Committees of the Center for International Private Enterprise and the Alliance to End Hunger, the Board of Directors of NewDEAL, and the Advisory Board of the American Leadership Initiative. He was previously a partner at a global law firm and served on several advisory committees to the US government, including the President’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations.

Edward Millard, Vice-Chairman of the Board

Edward Millard is Director of Landscapes and Communities at the Rainforest Alliance, where he oversees program design and develops partnership opportunities with donors, companies, and other stakeholders to promote sustainable land management and secure livelihoods. Edward has spent more than three decades improving market opportunities for producers in tropical countries, including his jobs at Oxfam GB and Conservation International. In both roles, he spent extensive amounts of time in Africa, Asia, and Latin America helping small-scale producers improve their competitiveness and open new markets. He has published three books and several articles on small-scale enterprise development and sustainable business, and is an independent assessor for a UK charity.

 Michelle Cross Fenty, Board Member

Michelle Cross Fenty Esq.,is an International Attorney and Development Banker who has dedicated a significant portion of her life to providing innovative financing solutions for developing countries. Ms. Fenty is currently the Co-Founder, Managing Director and General Counsel of Parsan Cross LLC, an international development advisory firm which finds development and financing solutions for projects in developing countries.  Ms. Fenty is the former head of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Trinidad and Tobago.  Ms. Fenty served as OF Counsel in the firm, Perkins Coie LLP, in Washington DC with responsibilities in the negotiation, drafting and finalization of various types of global commercial cross-border transactions.

Bruce Moats, Chief Communications and Impact Officer

Bruce Moats has extensive experience working in the private and public sectors in strategic communications, brand building, public policy, and labor rights.  Prior to being named to this position, Bruce served more than a decade as the Director of Corporate Communications for the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group. He also was Corporate Vice President of Public Policy at Levi Strauss & Co., where he served as the company’s principal advisor on external relations – including labor, human rights, and ethical sourcing.  He spent almost 15 years at AT&T in various management positions.  Bruce has held Board positions at Fair Labor Association, Levi Strauss Foundation, and the US Council for International Business, and was co-chair of UNC Kenan Institute on CSR.


About GoodWeave International

GoodWeave – a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi – is the leading global institution with a mission to end child labor, and forced and bonded labor, in global supply chains through a market-based holistic and authentic system. We bring visibility to global supply chains, give voice to informal and marginalized workers, provide assurance that certified products are free of child labor, and restore childhood to vulnerable children so they can laugh, learn, and play.  For more information, visit