GoodWeave International Privacy/Data Protection Policy

GoodWeave International is committed to protecting your personal data. The GDPR 2018 relates to our use of any personal information we store, provided to us over the telephone, by individuals contacting us for information and using our services, by email, via the donations link on our website and other means. As an international organization with a mission to eradicate child labor, we believe it is in everyone’s interest for us to share selected, relevant and current information and informed views with personnel involved in the sourcing, purchase and selling of at risk products and/or at risk of non-compliance with international legislation, including The Modern Slavery Act 2015. Likewise, with any consumer at risk of purchasing or commissioning products made using child labor.

GoodWeave International may collect the following information about you:

  • Name
  • Company you work for and job title/job responsibility
  • Work and mobile telephone number, geographic address of work location, email address

We do not share personal data with any third parties unless required to do so by the law.

If you decide you do not want us to contact you or wish your data to be deleted, please do so in writing, providing your full name and email address, to us at Data Protection, GoodWeave International 1111 14th St. NW, Suite 820 Washington, DC 20005, or by email to

Lawful basis for processing personal data

The processing of stored, personal data is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by GoodWeave International in the running of the GoodWeave labeling scheme to certify rugs as free of child labor, forced labor and bonded labor. Processing of the stored data for communication and financial purposes allows GoodWeave International to charge and collect agreed license fees, carry out commercial transactions and keep associated companies abreast of relevant developments. It also facilitates GoodWeave’s mission to eradicate child labor and facilitate education and the right to a childhood. As an organization, GoodWeave International is committed to helping businesses ensure their supply chains are transparent and free of exploitative labor practices, and make responsibly sourced products accessible to retailers and consumers. As such, the storage of personal data by GoodWeave International helps facilitate the regular communication of relevant information regarding developments related to the above, including what GoodWeave is doing internationally to help achieve its mission, the beneficial services it offers, current relevant legislation and the potential associated risks for companies not certifying their products in an effective way.