The Great British Paint and Rug Match

October 19, 2017

The names of Farrow & Ball and The Rug Company can be found on the wish list for many an interiors project. Both British companies, their passion for craftsmanship, design and colour runs deep and has helped establish them as leading influencers in the world of paints and rugs. A collaboration between the two was always going to make design headlines and they have not disappointed. The launch of The Rug Company’s first range of handloom rugs is specifically created to complement the Farrow & Ball palette.

No need to deliberate any longer over matching colours – the experts have done it for you.

GoodWeave Labelled

Woven in Nepal and all bearing the child-labour-free GoodWeave label, this genre of handloom rugs is a new departure for The Rug Company, which is known for its hand-knotted, luxurious rugs. The style may be different but the quality is consistent and the new range is being woven by The Rug Company’s team of expert weavers in Nepal.

The influence of Farrow & Ball is immediately evident, both in terms of the palette of colours …and the naming of the rugs.

Proven Colour Formula

Milly Wright, Creative Director, The Rug Company emphasises the importance of colour: “Colour is the cornerstone of interior design. It is infinitely versatile and, when used well, the possibilities are endless. A celebration of pared back simplicity, this collection makes it very easy to choose a beautiful handmade rug for any interior scheme.”

There are 12 rugs in the collection in three alternative textures: plain wool, cut and loop stripe, and wool with a silk border. For each of Farrow & Ball’s six neutral colour groups, there are two rug options: one in similarly neutral tones and the other in a rich, accented colourway. And, all available from stock or bespoke sizes made to order.

What’s in a Name?

It is no surprise that the twelve new rugs reflect the Farrow & Ball tradition of identifying its paint colours with quirky, emotive names that tease the brain and make you want to know more. When your room is painted in Salon Drab, Cromarty or Stiffkey Blue, to name but three of the company’s current range, conversations about colour are inevitable.

Similarly, with these new rugs. ‘Wooster’ gives a nod to the ironwork facades of Wooster Street, New York, the downtown base of The Rug Company. ‘Sam’s Stone’ honours the company’s so-named, longest standing member of staff, whilst ‘Kent Green’ reflects the leafy green of the Garden of Kent and pays tribute to Caroline Kent, The Rug Company’s longstanding head of production.

Personally, a rug in Melrose Yellow appeals, to brighten up those dull days of a British winter. Said to be inspired by the endless sunshine of Los Angeles, it is suggested that you can team it up with the Order Grey rug option, should you want two rugs in close proximity, and then decorate your walls with Farrow & Ball’s Purbeck Stone, Ammonite, Wevet or Cornforth White.

All so easy…