A Message from Sanju

This is Sanju. You may recognize her from our Stand with Sanju video campaign, which tells the story of when we first rescued her from a carpet factory back in 2012. This brave young girl went from carpet loom to classroom with your support, and has become our inspiration. But there’s more to her story.

GoodWeave supporters helped bring Sanju to safety and to school – not once, but twice. When two earthquakes rocked Nepal this spring, they destroyed homes and schools, including those in Sanju’s home village. In the aftermath, her parents sent her to the only other home she’s ever known – GoodWeave’s Hamro Ghar (Our Home) center. Within a week, we found her a spot at one of Nepal’s top schools.

We recently visited Sanju in Nepal and told her about you and all those who stood with her. She watched Stand with Sanju and told us how much she’d like to meet you. Hear her words of gratitude, complete with her signature giggle below.