New Workers’ Rights Videos [Hindi]

May 25, 2021

Through a generous gift from the United States Government, GoodWeave has created three short videos on workers’ rights assured under the GoodWeave Standard. These videos were designed for distribution to workers in GoodWeave supply chains in India. They address the most common risks that vulnerable workers face, and provide them with strategies to address these risks. Contact information for the appropriate authorities in northern India is also provided.

Workers’ Rights Part I: Employment Agreements

Informal workers are often at a disadvantage because they do not have a formal employment contract. In the video addressing employment contracts, GoodWeave explains that workers are entitled to a written employment contract, signed by their employer which includes: a description of the work hey are hired to do, the working hours and how much they will earn per hour, day or piece. If workers are not provided a contract by their employer, GoodWeave has created a sample employment contract they can request from their employer.


Workers’ Rights Part II: Wages

Under both the GoodWeave Standard and Indian law, workers have the right to pay slips each pay period that specify wages earned, hours worked and any deductions taken. This right protects workers from unscrupulous employers who may want to take advantage of trusting workers. This video equips workers with an awareness of their rights and empowers them with information to be able to demand they are paid for the work they have done and that any deductions from pay are made legally and with their understanding.


Workers’ Rights Part III: Abuse and Harassment

The GoodWeave Standard protects workers against physical, emotional and sexual abuse and harassment. In this video, GoodWeave explains those protections and that employers in the GoodWeave system are obligated to comply with the rules of the Standard. Workers are provided with contact information for their local labor authority if they need assistance.

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