GoodWeave is ISEAL Code Compliant. Our system has been independently evaluated against ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice. GoodWeave periodically reviews and revises our standards, policies and procedures. This is to ensure their ongoing relevance and continuous improvement within GoodWeave supply chains and delivery of credible certification claims to the marketplace. The review and revision process helps us confirm that GoodWeave’s certification work is in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals, mission and vision. GoodWeave utilizes a multi-stakeholder Standards Committee to guide the development and revision of all standards.  


The current GoodWeave International Generic Standard (V1.1) was entered into force on May 1, 2019. GoodWeave International planned to conduct a review of the standard after one year of implementation. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on GoodWeave audits and inspections, this review was postponed. The postponement allowed for the necessary time to test the standard via on-site audits and inspections consistently for at least one year’s time, and collect data to determine its effectiveness. 

GoodWeave is happy to announce the internal review process was completed in September-December 2022, and a standard revision process was approved to take place in 2023. The review and revision process is composed of six stages that includes two public consultations to ensure interested and affected stakeholders are informed, involved, collaborated with and empowered.   

We are currently in Stage 4 of the revision process. For more information, stakeholders can view our 2023-2024 Standard Revision Project Description Summary.


In early 2024, we will have targeted and public consultations to collect feedback on the current standard and to receive input on new drafts of the standard. Announcements of those public consultation periods are forthcoming. At any point in this process, any individual or organization can send comments to

All progress and updates regarding the GoodWeave Standard review and revision will be communicated via this website.  Please sign up for our newsletter and visit our social media channels for updates.