Win a Beautiful Rug with a Story to Match.

July 9, 2018

Please consider participating in the GoodWeave Rug Raffle! Proceeds will support our programs to end child labor and create educational opportunities in weaving communities around the world.

Our partner The Rug Company, which has been working with us for a decade to ensure that their rugs are made by adult artisans, not children, has generously donated Chiesa, an exquisite carpet masterpiece hand-knotted in Nepal with wool from Tibet. Visit

Designed by The Rug Company’s Co-Founder, Suzanne Sharp, Chiesa in yellow measures are 8’ x 10′ and is valued at $8,245. Its design was inspired by the tiled floor of a Sicilian church. The pattern has an intriguing three-dimensional quality and works beautifully in a contemporary or classical setting. Visit