A nonprofit company with a multi-stakeholder board, GoodWeave UK works with retailers, importers and consumers to end child labour in global supply chains. It also works more generally on issues related to ending child labour and modern slavery, ethical trading, social labelling and corporate social responsibility.

As a charity, GoodWeave UK’s goals are to relieve poverty, suffering, and distress—wherever these may occur throughout the world—by promoting research into and education about their root causes and aggregate effects. A special emphasis is placed on poverty in relation to the conduct of business, and to the conditions of employment (including self-employment) of poor people around the globe. Additionally, GoodWeave UK functions as the United Kingdom’s regional office for GoodWeave International. This non-governmental organisation with operations in South Asia, Europe, and the United States is dedicated to helping children and strengthening worker communities by:

  • eradicating child labour in the rug, home textile, apparel, fashion jewellery, brick and other industries;
  • raising public awareness of child labour and other exploitative labor practices;
  • expanding the market for exploitation-free products, especially through the administering of the GoodWeave label on products certifying that they have been made without the aid of child, forced, or bonded labour;
  • providing children in vulnerable worker communities with concrete opportunities for education and vocational training;
  • stimulating and increasing employment opportunities for adults, so that parents can better support their families;
  • facilitating development programmes to improve the terms and conditions of employment for adult workers in the rug, home textile, apparel, fashion jewellery, brick and other industries, consistent with internationally recognised labour and environmental standards.

GoodWeave UK, an affiliate of GoodWeave International, is a registered charity and company in the United Kingdom, limited by guarantee. Charity Registration number: 1139218. Company registration number: 4210546.