More than 152 million children are forced into labor. Together we can restore their childhoods.

The Story of Hem Moktan: 152 Million Children Around the Globe Labor in Bondage

To be a hero is to take a risk. Hem Moktan does this every day, facing his brutal past as an enslaved child. He is featured in the documentary film Hem Moktan: He Made It, that debuted on June 10, 2020, to mark this year’s World Day Against Child Labor. I first met Hem 20 years ago. During production this past February, I spent time with him in Kathmandu and learned more details of his life.

Hem Moktan: He Made It

Hem Moktan was 13 years old when he was rescued from a carpet factory in Kathmandu by a GoodWeave inspector. He was enrolled in GoodWeave’s transit home for rescued children where he received an education. He now works to protect other children and serves as Child Development Officer at Nepal GoodWeave Foundation. Hem’s story demonstrates how GoodWeave’s work transforms both global supply chains and individual lives. View both short and long versions of the film.

Fragile Futures for Hidden Workers When Consumers Stop Buying

With demand for toilet paper and other household items in the headlines, the COVID-19 crisis has made supply chains news, highlighting what disruptions mean to consumers, companies, and workers. This story of a little girl and her village calls attention to the world’s largest labor force—informal workers. Their exploitation, namely child, forced and bonded labor, drives intergenerational poverty.

VIRTUAL EVENT RECORDING – COVID-19 and Child Labor: New Challenges and Steps to Ensure Protections for At-Risk Populations in the Supply Chain

COVID-19 Update and Response

As we all pull together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate business disruptions, GoodWeave International has taken a number of steps to continue operations, as well as support workers, children and partner companies during this crisis.

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