Stories of Impact

Tila: From a Loom To a Classroom—As a Teacher

Tila was raised in the village of Gloche, in Nepal’s Sindhupalchowk district. Like so many children who end up working in Nepalese carpet factories, her family history is marked by tragedy. In Tila’s case, it took the form of an alcoholic and abusive father who would regularly beat her, her mother, and her three siblings.

Binod Didn’t Run

Watching Binod as he laughs and kicks a soccer ball around with his friends in the dusty yard at Hamro Ghar, GoodWeave’s Khathmandu refuge for rescued child workers, it’s easy enough to convince yourself that you’re looking at a normal Nepalese kid at play. But while he may be busy trying to live a normal childhood, there’s nothing normal about his past.

Dorje: From Brickloader to Artist

Dorje was born in the village of Anikot in Nepal. His mother abandoned him when he was very young, leaving him in the care of his abusive father; later, his home was destroyed during heavy flooding. After moving in with his grandmother and an uncle, he attended school briefly, but his family’s dire economic circumstances forced him to drop out after the first grade to seek employment.

Maya: Amazed That She Can Actually Choose Her Future

Growing up in Ratanpur, Nepal, Maya watched as her father traded away her two older brothers. The boys were sent to work as servants to repay her father’s gambling losses. As the last child remaining, Maya dreaded she’d be next.