Taking Child Protection into the Agricultural Sector

By Edward Millard, Rainforest Alliance

Agriculture is the single biggest offender when it comes to child labor:  98 million of the 168 million child laborers today are planting, harvesting, and controlling pests in the fields around the world.  India is the world’s second largest tea p...

GoodWeave Secures UK Government Funding to Spearhead New Programs to End Child Labor

May 23, 2017

Press Release

GoodWeave International (GoodWeave) has been named as one of ten successful bidders for a share of the first Modern Slavery Innovation Fund (MSIF), totaling up to £6m (or approximately $7.8 million), initiated by the UK Government. GoodWeave, the anti-chi...

Joint Campaign to Increase Child-Labor-Free Carpet Production in Nepal Launched at DOMOTEX 2017

January 21, 2017

Press Release

Washington, DC – International carpet brands, Nepalese carpet producers, trade officials, and supporters of ethical business came together in the GoodWeave® booth at DOMOTEX on January 14th to launch a campaign to incentivize greater commitment to c...

Henzel Studio Partners With Paddle8 for an Auction of 23 Rugs to Benefit GoodWeave

January 6, 2017

Press Release

Washington, DC – HENZEL STUDIO is proud to partner with Paddle8 for an auction of 23 rugs that will benefit GoodWeave®, the world’s leading international nonprofit organization working to end child labor in the carpet industry, while offering educa...

GoodWeave International Teams Up with UNICEF and TEPC to Boost Child-Labor-Free Carpet Production in Nepal

December 27, 2016

Press Release

Washington, DC – An innovative program from GoodWeave International and UNICEF in Nepal, in cooperation with the Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC) of the Government of Nepal, promotes alliances between government and business to support Nepal...

GoodWeave Comes of Age

November 8, 2016

By Michael Christie, Rug Insider

In 1995 the first GoodWeave (née RugMark) certified carpets began arriving in the west and so began a journey which at its core, seeks to improve the lives of those who make the carpets we so love. The premise is twofold yet simple....

GoodWeave: A Global Reach

August 15, 2016

By Jeff Turrentine, Interiors Magazine

The furnishings we choose for our homes are supposed to make us feel good: to inspire and entice, to create comfort or elicit joy. To say that we “love” a particular item we use, see or appreciate every day is to ack...

In Light of ABC News Report, GoodWeave Encourages Due Diligence but Ongoing Charitable Support for Nepal

August 12, 2016

Press Release

Washington, DC – On August 9, 2016, ABC News released a report titled “The Dark Side of Orphanage ‘Voluntourism’ in Nepal” which highlighted cases where well-meaning overseas donors inadvertently funded trafficking regimes by providing...

Endling Child Labor: The Dirty Business of Cleaning Up Supply Chains

June 11, 2016

Opinion Piece in Huffington Post by Nina Smith, CEO.

Made by Children. Instead of Made in China or Made in India, what if this was the label inside the neatly stacked sweaters on a department store shelf?

For most major brands, such a ...

After Nepal’s Earthquake, A Push To Rebuild Without Child Labor

June 8, 2016

PBS NewsHour presents a special piece on labor practices in South Asian brick kilns. It features Better Brick Nepal which is a project in partnership with The Global Fairness Initiative to eradicate child, forced and bonded labor.

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